Pimpala Preschool


Pimpala Preschool was a new building constructed on a vacant block within the existing Pimpala Primary School overall site, which required new in-ground services and service connections. TSDB delivered this project for the State Government’s Department for Education and Child Development, and we did so on time, to budget and to the required high level of quality and attention to detail which Tridente Architects expect on their projects. 

This modern design, stunning new kindergarten will accommodate up to 70 enrolled students from their existing premises. This new facility allows for creative and flexible learning practises along with all the latest building materials and an extensive landscaped playground which is fun and adventurous for the children. 

The work also comprised of a new single storey building with kitchen, offices, wet areas, a reception space, two large learning areas with operable walls and associated plant and ancillary spaces as well as a new carpark. This was another education project delivered that TSDB is very proud of and was completed to the satisfaction of the various representatives of the client group. 

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