TSDB Erudina Development


Erudina Avenue is TSDB’s head office, which incorporates 2, two-storey office blocks and large structural steel workshops, relocating out of Arabrie Avenue around the corner within the same precinct. Being our own development, this functional building was designed to have a strong presence from the street and over time the existing buildings around have taken the same approach (2 of them built by TSDB) to maximise street frontage & onsite parking which has now created an avenue of consistent development along Erudina.

This development is designed to make best use of the available land for maximum return on investment as well as façade frontage and day lighting into the offices. The development also includes a large steel fabrication and plant workshop, 2 under croft areas with associated two-storey office buildings. The offices include foyers and reception voids, open office layout areas on the first floor, meeting rooms, kitchenettes, lunchrooms to ground level and food prep areas to the first floor and feature stairs. Administration areas and work and supplier meeting areas have also been created at ground level.

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